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MILKANA DESIGNER aluminum windows Series is for those who want to be different.
Milkana designer дизайн
The design we leave to you. You decide if you want straight and stylish shapes or prefer soft and rounded lines, whether you like modernism or you’re a fan of the classics.
And the colors - think of a color and we will run it.
Do you have enough imagination?

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MILKANA DESIGNER aluminum windows series is with constructive width 60mm of frame and 67.5 mm of the wing. The aluminum profile system is designed so that with a minimum amount of aluminum to achieve very good statics. This means that at a good price you will get a window with very good quality.
MILKANA DESIGNER aluminum windows series is produced by special profiles made of PVC duct fittings, which means that we have avoided one of the weak points of the typical aluminum windows – the harware. The standard hardware for aluminum windows is quite different from that of PVC glazing:
- There is only one point of locking - in the area of the handle, in contrast to the hardware of PVC, which has locking points all around the perimeter of the wing. This, in turn, results in a bad tightness in the closed position, and bad burglar resistance. For MILKANA DESIGNER aluminum windows this problem is solved with high quality German hardware for PVC glazing with high burglar resistance, even in the basic version.
MILKANA DESIGNER aluminum windows series is made of thermally insulated profiles with a high degree of thermal insulation due to the 24 millimeter polyamide strips embedded in the profiles. These polyamide tapes are used as a barrier between the outer and the inner wall of the profiles. That is, since the aluminum material is conductive, the polyamide prevents conduction of heat from the inside to the outside and vice versa.
Milkana designer функционалност
Milkana designer дизайн
Creating the MILKANA DESIGNER series we aimed to satisfy not only the aesthetic and functional requirements of our customers. Our main concern is energy saving.
In combination with high energy "MILKANA ENERGY III" (Ug = 0,6 W/m²K), the MILKANA DESIGNER series reached very good levels of insulation - up to Uw = 1.6W/m² K Airtightness - Class 4
Watertight - Class E1950
Resistance to wind load - class C5
Sound insulation - 40 dB
Burglar resistance - class WK 2
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