Exterior horizontal blinds

The exterior horizontal aluminum blinds perform the basic functions of modern sunscreening technology and the requirements for modern design of the facade.
With the variety of colors they are closely involved in shaping the exterior. They are one of the most elegant and effective sunscreening products. They can be very well adapted to the weather conditions so as to prevent the passage of more than 90% of solar energy.
Thus, the operation of the cooling systems can be reduced significantly. In fully closed position they limit visibility and penetration of light; you can move them up and down or just rotate the lamellae to adjust the transmitting. They are highly functional in their automated version, especially if you add sensors for sun and wind. In the option without automation, the control is carried out manually, by means of a crank, which is mounted on the inner side of the window. The yare made of aluminum with a powder polymer coating, resistant to adverse weather conditions.
The available models are:
  • C 50 - with C shaped aluminum lamellae with height 50mm
  • C 80 - with C shaped aluminum lamellae with height 80mm
  • Z 90 - with Z shaped aluminum lamellae with height 90mm
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