Външни ролетни щори - fancy
The external roller shutters of MILKANA FANCY series are the perfect addition to any window..
  • Wide selection of colors and wood patterns harmonized with the color of the frames
  • Aluminium rounded box with dimnsions 170 x 170 mm, foiled with UV protected PVC foil of RENOLIT with the windows’ color
  • Aluminium lamellae with polyurethane filling and powder polymer coating with the box’s color
  • Aluminum guides and threshold lamella, foiled with UV protected PVC foil of RENOLIT the frames’ color
  • Possible lamellae height - 39 mm, 43 mm, 55 mm
MILKANA FANCY - предимства
  • Increased security for your home
  • Better insulation
  • More comfort
  • Excellent sun protection
  • Energy saving
  • Can be fitted to existing windows
  • Various options for automation
  • The automated management extends the life of your blinds
MILKANA FANCY - предимства


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