Milkana INOVATION PVC плъзгащи системи
Large windows to the garden or the porch have always been object of admiration. The bigger they are, the more spacious view they reveal. The room fills with natural light and the beauty of nature enters the house. Even when you are inside, you can be outside.
PVC плъзгащи системи - функционалност
PVC system for porches of MILKANA INOVATION series gives an opportunity to open large spaces by moving and parallel sliding of large wings. Although they are quite heavy, considering triple glazing, due to the special HAU TAU ATRIUM SP KOMFORT mechanism, the opening is easy, and with a slight movement of the wing it closes on its own. The only thing which remains for you to do is simply rotate the handle and make sure that your home is insulated and protected. Thanks to the windows for porches of MILKANA INOVATION series you save space and gain views. Drag all the glazing to expand the living room. The system allows a wide opening - up to 4 meters - without the wings to enter the room and disturb you. No need to move objects each time you want to ventilate.

The advantage is not only the easy opening and closing, but also the built-in mechanism for the controlled ventolation, which by turning the handle up distances the entire wing at 6 mm from the frame, thereby allowing ventilation. Because of this ventilation you avoid condensation and mold formation. Furthermore, this method of ventilation you can use at night or even when you are out, since the mechanisms remain locked and your home - protected.
PVC плъзгащи системи
PVC плъзгащи системи - дизайн
Besides being functional, the windows of the system are aesthetically attractive. You can enjoy the beautiful French windows from floor to ceiling without unnecessary profiles to mess your view. It is possible to make wings with a height of 2.70 meters and a width of 2 m and weighing up to 200 kg.
PVC плъзгащи системи
PVC плъзгащи системи ефективност
PVC плъзгащи системи


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