Milkana art алуминиеви плъзгащи системи
MILKANA ART Series aluminum sliding windows for porches is inspired by the artistic imagination of contemporary architects. Whether for public buildings, restaurants and hotels or private home or villa, in their projects the architects increasingly rely on large windows. This is a challenge for us - the window manufacturers.
ART - функционалност
Yes, indeed the beauty of the large windows is unmatched, but not every system can meet all the requirements necessary for reliable operation. The MILKANA ART porches are made of ALUMIL M300 FALCON aluminum sliding system with lifting, which has all the necessary qualities to create the perfect windows for your porch:
  • Excellent static - for large modules this is particularly important quality that determines their stability, their endurance. Wings can be done with width of up to 3 m, height of 3 meters and weighing up to 250 kg.
  • Very good thermal insulation - thanks to thermal bridge of polyamide reinforced with fiberglass - 20 mm for the frame and 15 mm for the wing, two EPDM gaskets
  • Ease of sliding the wing - provided by a special mechanism for lifting and sliding with Teflon rollers and inox guide
  • Security - thanks to AGB multipoint locking system
  • Ventilation - mechanisms for controlled ventilation
Алуминиеви плъзгащи системи серия ART
серия ART - ефективност
In addition to energy saving MILKANA ENERGY III glazing
"MILKANA ENERGY III" you get a product with a truly excellent:
  • Thermal conductivity - up to Uw = 1.8 W/m² K
  • Air permeability - Class 4
  • Water impermeability - Class 4B
  • Resistance to wind load - Class C4
Алуминиеви плъзгащи системи серия ART
серия ART дизайн
The decorations in the glazing with decorative aluminum rungs also depend on your taste and preference.

The MILKANA ART porches successfully combine with mosquito net, pleat type, which is sliding and can be opened from both the left and right.
Алуминиеви плъзгащи системи серия ART


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