Safeguard rolling

The primary function of safeguard rolling shutters is to restrict access to shops, public and residential buildings, etc.
Milkana охранителни ролетки
Sleek design with a choice of six models plates:
  • Solid (standard and windproof)
  • Perforated
  • Network type
  • Braid type
  • Pipe, Chess type
  • Pipe, Classic type
A combination of several types of plates can be made. Unlimited choice of RAL colors.
Milkana охранителни ролетки
охранителни ролетки - характеристики
All parts of the shutters are made of galvanized steel, resistant to corrosion and extreme weather conditions. The coating is a polymer powder in RAL color.

The guides can be U- or omega shaped, completed with brushes and rubber seals for better sealing and silent shutter movement.

The coating of the casing may be either of steel lamellae with the powder coating in the color of the shutter, or of flat plate. Its size depends on the height of the aperture and on the shutter type.

The weight of the safeguard shutters’ moving part is balanced by helical ribbon springs. This allows their easy movement when the control is manual.

The automation provides easy and convenient control by push-button or remote. Furthermore, the automation substantially reduces the noise from the shutter movement. Additional features can be installed, such as systems for access control via contactless switches, magnetic sensors and photocells, alarm at the opening and closing, protective rubber sensor for obstacle.

It is recommended the installation to be carried out after completion of construction works. In case of automation equipment, preliminary cabling is necessary.

For mounting a shutter it is that over the aperture there must be enough room for the box as well as place for the guides at the side of the aperture.

In all cases, before attempting to prepare the aperture, contact us for advice.
охранителни ролетки


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