Екстериорни pvc врати
MILKANA INOVATION DOOR PVC front doors have all characteristics of MILKANA INOVATION window series
Екстериорни pvc врати дизайн
Soft lines and rounded forms creating a sense of comfort. Wood patterns approaching at maximum the natural effect of the tree. A combination of the beauty and warmth of wood with the advantages of PVC systems:
  • Do not require special maintenance or painting
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to aging
  • Thermal insulation characteristics similar to those of wooden doors

MILKANA INOVATION DOOR PVC front doors are a symbol of balance and aesthetics, style and timeless elegance.
Each door is designed to suit individual customer’s requirements. They can be with glass, solid or combinated - glazed part and solid part. You have a choice of models as developed by us and so from catalogues with decorative panels.

ACRYLCOLOR - white inside, colored outside.
The innovative ACRYLCOLOR GEALAN technology involves simultaneous extrusion of white PVC material with colored acrylic coating at extremely high temperature, in result of which the profiles obtain a glass - smooth colored surface resistant to extreme weather conditions. Windows and doors made of ACRYLCOLOR profiles have unique qualities. The infrared rays are reflected by the white layer under the acrylic coating, and thus the profile is heated far less than the standard color profiles, and linear extensions are minimal. At the same time, the white surface inside ensures that the window will harmonize with any room, no matter the interior decoration. ACRYLCOLOR profiles are extremely strong; they show no signs of aging after years of use, even compared to new profiles. ACRYLCOLOR windows have silky smooth surface; they are not only highly resistant to scratching, but also to dust and dirt. The acrylic coating does not crack, fade, or white and does not require any maintenance.
Екстериорни врати - ACRYLCOLOR
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Екстериорни врати - ACRYLCOLOR
Екстериорни врати - функционалност
The MILKANA INOVATION PVC doors are made of high class German materials. With construction width of 74 mm, the S 8000 IQ profile system of GEALAN has many good characteristics. Excellent static thanks to STV® (Static dry glass). In the innovative technique of bonding, created by GEALAN STV® (Static dry glass), the glazing or panel is glued to the wing using a specially designed tape for making of windows and doors (the same tape is used for windows fixing in the aircraft manufacturing). By bonding, the hardness of the glass is transferred to the wing and thus the whole system becomes more stable. Thanks to this technique, standard elements can be created entirely without fixture. Combining STV® with the wing fixture, extremely large items can be obtained without sagging and hogging to occur. Even after prolonged use, the windows and doors with STV® technique are closed as strongbox. Furthermore, the adhesion of the glazing to the wing helps protect against intrusion.
Екстериорни врати - функционалност
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Екстериорни pvc врати ефективност
Екстериорни врати PVC
  • Steady structure of the profile system
  • Particular attention to the size and thickness of the reinforcing steel profiles
  • The method of bonding the glazing and the STV® (Static dry glass) panel
  • And last but not least – the reliable and secure hardware
For the production of MILKANA INOVATION PVC doors we use the multipoint locking system of the Italian brand AGB and German hinges of Dr. Hahn.
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