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MILKANA DESIGNER DOOR aluminum front doors series give you the freedom to be creative and different. The variety of designs and colors make them a unique focus of any facade.
All RAL colors are available as well as the colors with COLLECTION FUTURA special finish. And MILKANA WOOD DECOR gives the MILKANA DESIGNER DOOR the warm patterns of real wood. Yet, unlike real wood, our doors are maintenance-free, they are timeless.
We offer a rich collection of decorative panels of BCD.
Екстериорни врати - алуминиеви
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Екстериорни врати - функционалност
The aluminum doors of MILKANA DESIGNER DOOR series are made of thermo insulated profile system with good thermo insulating characteristics (Ud - from 1.5 W/m² K). Construction width 67.5 mm. Two rows of EPDM sealings, aluminum thermal doorstep with brushes. The used hardware is of the Italian brand OMEC. Multi point locking mechanisms with high security level. There is option to integrate electric locking systems.
Екстериорни врати - функционалност
Milkana art дизайн
  • No maintenance required
  • Easy to clean
  • Good thermal insulation - Heat transfer coefficient of 1.5 W/m² K
  • High level of security
  • Air impermeability - Class 4
  • Water tightness - Class E1950
  • Resistance to wind load - class C5
  • Sound insulation - 40 dB
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