Milkana BATH
MILKANA BATH shower cabins and bath screens are made of 8 mm tempered glass. The tempered glass is a type of safety glass, which increases its hardness and strength by controlled thermal or chemical treatment, and if it breaks, it breaks into small not sharp pieces, so it can not hurt you. The glass can be transparent, frosted, colored (brown, green, gray) or with decorations of your choice. The decorations are implemented with thermal and waterproof foil and can also be in various colors. We use high quality hardware of OZONE brand.

Each screen is designed individually according to the customer’s requirements. It’s up to you if you want tube sliding, rail sliding, folding, shower with magnetic closures or just a screen.
MILKANA BATH shower cabins and bath screens could be made of glasses Showerguard. 

ShowerGuard glass stops corrosion before it starts.
• Its surface is permanently sealed during manufacturing with a patented ion beam process.
• Unlike spray-on or wipe-on treatments that eventually wear off, the protection provided by ShowerGuard glass is part of the glass itself, so it never needs to be re-applied.
• With just a minimal amount of cleaning, ShowerGuard glass will stay beautiful for years to come.
• ShowerGuard glass is backed by a Lifetime Consumer Limited Warranty.

Glass Care
Standard shower glass care requires a lot of effort to keep clean. Staying on top of soap and mineral build-up could be a daily chore.
But ShowerGuard's patented technology helps keep minerals, scale and soap scum from sticking. A soft cloth or wet sponge and most common household cleaners are all you need for periodic maintenance.
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